Q: How much do you charge for your services?

A: We meet with each customer in order to assess what bookkeeping, accountancy and tax work needs to be carried out, discuss the possible tax savings available and answer any questions you may have.

The initial meeting is FREE and you will receive a fixed fee quote once we have discussed your needs. Although there is no obligation to use our accountancy services, our quote is valid for up to three months giving you plenty of time to think about the meeting and ask further questions or about any additional services.

Our quotes are unique to you, based on your particular situation and the services you require.

We offer a value for money service tailored to your business needs.

Q: What type of payment plan do you use?

A: We offer flexible payment options which allow our clients to pay their accountancy fees in easy to manage instalments, which can really help with cash flow and most of our clients prefer this option. We accept most modes of payment.

Q: What type of information do you need from me to get started?

A: We normally need the previous year’s filed tax return and summaries. However, we will let you know during our initial meeting of the particular documents needed from you, as the requirements vary, based on the services that you require.

Q: Do you use an accounting software?

A: Yes, all of our work is carried out using certified and up-to-date accounting software packages. We work regularly with a variety of bookkeeping software packages and pick the one best suited to fit your purpose.

Q: Can I still use your services if I have an accountant already?

A: Yes, you can certainly do so. We can work as your bookkeepers, and work hand in hand with your current accountant to best serve your needs.

Q: Do I have to use UAS for all my accounting needs?

A: We would recommend you to do so, for best results. However, if you already have either a bookkeeper or an accountant, we can work with them to give you the best services possible.

Q: Will you help if I am audited by the government?

A: Yes, we will help you with your tax audits. A Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) audit can be a very frightening and stressful situation. Knowing the CRA wants to take a second, closer look at your tax return, whether it is the entire return or just a portion of it, such as expenses claimed for meals, entertainment or travel, can be a very nerve-racking experience.

At Unique Accounting Services, we never advise any taxpayer to represent themselves in a CRA audit, no matter how simple it may seem. Even if you honestly believe you filled your entire tax return out correctly, meeting with the CRA can be a very intimidating experience.

This is especially true if you have to experience a face-to-face audit. Traditionally, however, the majority of CRA audits are done via correspondence. In other words, most Canada Revenue Agency audits are in the form of letters asking for explanations of various tax items on a tax return or requesting supporting documentation.

More often than not, a CRA audit of a tax return will result in changes to the return. Whether these changes are good or bad for the taxpayer depends on the situation.

We advise that you hire a professional to represent you. When you hire Unique Accounting Services, you can be comforted by knowing that our Tax Team has years of experience dealing with the CRA audits. You can face an audit with confidence when you know you have our Tax Team on your side.

Q: Will you return my personal taxes for me?

A: Yes, personal tax return preparation is part of a wide range of services that we offer, and would be included as part of any quote that you receive from us, for your business services.

Q: Will I be charged if I call to ask a question?

A: When you hire Unique Accounting Services, you can be rest assured that all the support we provide is completely FREE, and included with all the other services that we provide for you. You can call or email us with any questions or queries that you may have, and not worry about being charged for it.

Q: Do you promote any specific accounting software?

A: Even though we work with most accounting software packages available in the market and use the one best suited to your needs, we promote QuickBooks, both the Desktop and Online versions.